• Mx Definition:

    Mx (typically pronounced as "mix" or "mux") is a gender-neutral honorific or title of courtesy used as an alternative to gendered titles such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. It is designed for individuals who do not wish to specify.

  • Purpose & Inclusivity

    Purpose: It serves as a gender-inclusive option for addressing people formally without indicating their gender.

    Inclusivity: While it's commonly associated with non-binary individuals, Mx can be used by anyone regardless of their gender identity, including transgender, cisgender, and binary people

  • Did you know:

    Origin: The title has been in use since at least the late 1970s, with the earliest documented print appearance in 1977

About Mx


Origin of 'Dear Mx' Name

When my co-founders and I set out to create our brand, we knew one thing for certain: we wanted to incorporate "Mx" into our name. All of us identify differently, and we wanted a title that reflected our commitment to inclusivity.

Our team of three co-founders comes from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world, each with unique stories and experiences. Despite our differences, we discovered a common thread that united us: the shared emotions and feelings we had encountered on our individual journeys.

We realized that during moments of feeling alone, unheard, or unseen, we often turned to creative outlets to express ourselves. For us, this expression took many forms—journaling, engaging with others on social media, or seeking advice from our favorite magazine columnists. These activities provided solace and a sense of connection.

This led us to the concept of "Dear..."—a phrase that evokes the intimacy and comfort of writing in a diary or journal. Whether it's "Dear Diary," "Dear Journal," or "Dear X," this simple phrase captures the essence of reaching out and expressing oneself.

Thus, "Dear Mx" was born. Our name embodies the idea of inclusivity and the universal need for expression and connection, no matter who you are or where you come from.